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  1.  Copies of social security cards for everyone who is to be listed on the tax return as well as a government issued picture ID (such as a driver license) for the taxpayer and spouse.


  1. Original copies of all forms W-2 (and form 1099-MISC if you have self-employment income). We cannot file your return using the last paystub of the year until you have exhausted all reasonable means of obtaining the W-2 form.


  1. Interest and dividend statements from your financial custodians such as banks, mutual fund companies, insurance companies etc.  These will be labeled 1099-INT or 1099-DIV.


  1. If you sold stocks or mutual funds during the year you should receive a 1099-B which reports the gross proceeds from the sale.  The IRS has implemented rules which will also require the issuer to report your basis (the amount you originally paid for the stocks or mutual funds) so that you can more easily calculate the tax due on the sale of your securities.


  1. If you receive retirement income you should receive a separate form 1099-R from each payer of retirement income.  This document is similar in function to the form W-2.  If you completed a tax-free rollover of a retirement account, you may still need the 1099-R to complete your return properly.


  1. Social Security recipients will need the form 1099-SSA from the Social Security Administration.  This document is usually mailed to you in January. 


  1. Unemployment compensation benefits are usually taxable.  You should receive a form 1099-G which functions similarly to the form W-2.


  1. Your mortgage lender must supply you with form 1098 to document the amount of potentially deductible mortgage interest paid during the year.  Many financial institutions now allow you to login to their website and print your own 1098. 


  1. Please let us know if you have recently purchased a home or refinanced your mortgage as there may be tax benefits available for you from this transaction.  Your lender should have provided you with a copy of form HUD-1 at or before the closing.  This document details the expenses paid at closing.  Please bring this document to the tax appointment.  Your closing attorney may be able to provide you with a copy of this document if you have misplaced the original. 


  1. Students who have paid tuition to qualified institutions of higher learning should receive a form 1098-T that documents the amount of tuition paid.  This document typically is addressed to the student and is now mandatory in order to claim education credits on your tax return. 


  1. Many taxes you pay can be deductible.  You will want to have the paid receipt for all property and real estate taxes.  Taxes must be paid before the end of the year to be deductible on the current year return.  Otherwise you may deduct them on the following year’s return.  Sales taxes paid may also be deductible.  If you have paid sales tax on a major purchase such as an automobile or boat be sure to let us know about it so we can calculate any deduction available to you.


  1. Receipts for all charitable contributions will be needed.  Cancelled checks can be used to document charitable contributions of $250 and less, otherwise you generally need some sort of statement from the charity indicating the details of your contribution. Proof of Expenses.


  1. Medical expenses can be deductible if you have a sufficient amount of out of pocket expenses.  You may not wish to share your medical history with your tax preparer, therefore we recommend that you create a one-page document, such as a spreadsheet, that summarizes your medical expenses.  Most pharmacies will also provide you with a printout of your prescriptions for the year.  Many taxpayers are unable to deduct medical expenses because they simply do not have sufficient expenses to meet the 7.5% (10% starting in 2013) of Adjusted Gross Income threshold. 


  1. If you have negotiated a settlement with your credit card company or other lender to pay less than the full amount owed on a debt, or if you have had a foreclosure on mortgaged property, the lender may send you a form 1099-C or 1099-A.  The amounts included on these documents may be taxable income that must be reported on your tax return.  However, exceptions may apply which allow you to avoid paying taxes on the amounts reported on these documents.  Please make sure you provide us with a copy of any 1099-C or 1099-A issued to you so that we can help you determine if these amounts are taxable.


  1. Those who need to file tax returns for deceased persons will need to provide a copy of the death certificate and an appointment certificate from the appropriate local authority designating you as personal representative (or similar designation) of the deceased. 


  1. If you purchased health insurance through a state for federal marketplace vendor, you may receive form 1095-A to substantiate your health coverage. 

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